Saturday, 3 August 2013

PHOTOS- Young men forced to be naked for annual army recruitment drive in China

The annual conscription period has been brought forward this year by a couple of months in the hope that more talented applicants will sign up after their graduation
China has launched its annual military recruitment drive this month with thousands of young men across the country taking part in compulsory naked 'body tests'.
                             It is the first time in 23 years that any changes have been made to the annual recruitment process for the Chinese military
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And, bizarrely, it appears many of those checks are carried out while the young recruits have no clothes on.They are checked over from head to toe by men in white coats overlooked by soldiers in uniform.

The mass body check-ups are apparently a regular first step in the recruitment process for the young men.
The naked body check remain a standard part of the recruitment procedure in China, where thousands of naked of applicants will be reviewed in the coming days
According to the Global Times, China this year shifted its annual conscription period from the beginning of October to the start of August, in the hope that 'more talented' people would sign up.

The new season falls immediately after the school graduation period; the State Council and the Central Military Commission hope new, clever graduates will be more likely to sign up in August than a few months later in October.

China also relaxed restrictions regarding the height, weight and appearance of recruits in 2011 to attract more young applicants, according to the Global Times
According to the news service, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) has asked conscription authorities across the country to prioritise admissions of better-educated applicants, and believes this change will bring in a higher calibre recruit.
Army conscription in China has always begun in October, but this year, in a bid to sign up the highest calibre recruits, it has been brought forward to immediately after graduation
It appears to be no changes to the health and body examination.While it might seem at best odd, and at worst, unnecessary, the naked check-ups remain a standard part of the procedure.
During the compulsory body checks, the young men are examined one by one as the others look on

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