Monday, 13 January 2014

Chelsea's Samuel Eto'o Tops List Of Wealthiest EPL Foreign-Born

Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o is the wealthiest foreign-born player in the English Premier League, with a net worth of $64 million, according to a survey conducted by Singapore-based Wealth-X.

The company, with one of the world’s largest collection of curated research on ultra-high-net worth individuals, puts Welsh footballer of Manchester United Ryan Giggs as the second-wealthiest foreign-born player in the EPL with a net worth of $45 million.

Eto’o’s team mate at Stamford Bridge Fernando Torres, who hails from Spain, comes third with $42 million.

Manchester City stars Yaya Toure from Ivory Coast and Argentina’s Sergio Aguero completes the top five with a net worth of $41 million and $39 million respectively.

Although the EPL is often regarded as being dominated by foreign players, the survey reveals that the combined net worth of the top ten wealthiest English-born EPL players led by Wayne Rooney with a net worth $73 million is roughly $20 million greater than the combined net worth of the wealthiest foreign-born players performing in the EPL.

“The results of this survey may come as a surprise for many, who may have been under the impression that foreign-born EPL players receive more rewarding compensation than their English counterparts,” said Michael Byrne, Wealth-X UK Director.

“English-born footballers in the EPL amass greater sponsorship and are therefore in a position to accumulate greater overall net worth. This run-down certainly produces more surprises than the English-born list.”

Eto’o, 32, who joined the Blues for a one-year deal last August, recently bought a fleet of four cars worth £4million, which included Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin and Maybach Xenatec.

“To help others you need to be happy with yourself first,” Eto’o had responded to local critics in Cameroun who described the acquisition of those cars as extravagant.

Source: Soccer Africa

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